Facility Description for Grant Writing Purposes


The UCSC Genome Technology Center (GTC) provides “next-generation” sequencing services to an expansive community of researchers. These services are provided via state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, enabling research in the physical and biological sciences, engineering and biomedicine.


At the Baskin School of Engineering, we are pushing the boundaries of both knowledge application as well as knowledge creation, all with a goal of solving difficult problems of importance to society. In these endeavors, researchers at the BSOE are informed through close interactions with industrial partners in Silicon Valley, as well as technology needs articulated at local, state, and national levels. Our primary goal is the advancement of existing technologies and the creation of novel methods. We aim to provide a variety of sequencing services which will allow the customer to choose the appropriate platform to suit his or her sequencing needs.

GTC Equipment:

  • Next-Generation Platforms
  • Applied Biosystems SOLiD 4 sequencer
  • Roche 454 Titanium sequencer
  • Biotage BSQ96 Pyrosequencer
  • Illumina HiSeq 2000 sequencer
  • NanoString

Automated Systems:

  • Luminex L200
  • BioDot Microarray Robot
  • NorDiag 8000+ Liquid Handling Robot
  • Qiagen BioRobot 3000 Liquid Handling Robot
  • Stratagene qPCR
  • Covaris S2 DNA Ultrasonic DNA Shearing
  • HydroShear DNA Shearing